Remarketing or Retargeting helps you to reconnect with site visitors who do not purchase or convert at first point of contact, by showing them different ads, relevant to them, on sites they visit, across multiple devices. These are people that have expressed an interest in your products and services and interacted with your site previously.



By showing ads to previous site visitors you can increase your conversion rates and return on investment. This is because previous site visitors, who are already familiar with your business, are more likely to become customers and complete actions that add value on their repeat visit.


Remarketing works by implementing a tracking code, known as a tag or pixel on your site, so that visitors to your site are added to your remarketing audience through browser cookies. This can be customised to product categories, pages and event on site events, so you can fully customise ads that are then displayed to these customers in hope of re-engaging and getting them to convert.


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No matter what you’re looking to accomplish online, whether that be an increase in sales, lead generation or promoting brand awareness, remarketing can be a valuable and strategic element of your digital marketing strategy. The benefits of remarketing are as follows:


  • Advertise to people when they’re looking and likely to purchase: By reaching people whom have interacted with your business, it’d products and services, you can advertise to them on other sites and whilst they’re using other apps, so that although they may not be on your site, you’re still front and centre in their mind when they come to complete purchase.


  • You can focus lists to be specific and increase ROI: By creating defined lists for customers that add to basked but not complete transaction, fill out a box but not complete registration or view specific service pages for a length of time for example, you can target your ads to generate higher conversion rates by incentivising the customer and provide tailored remarketing.


  • Reach a wider audience base: We have the capacity to use your lists to reach well over 2 million websites and apps, as well as our programmatic platforms supporting extended reach and we utilise other channels to create lookalike audiences where it is possible to find new visitors whom fit the niche of your current/previous customers.


  • Cost effective and efficient pricing: Like all other forms of PPC, you’re only charged when someone clicks on your Ad or you can specify a CPM. It’s also worth noting that remarketing campaigns are generally a lower CPC than traditional text ads.


Here at H1 we focus on delivering data driven campaigns that focus on providing maximal return on investment for our customers. The same can be said for our remarketing campaigns. We utilise market leading programmatic software partnered with technical expertise through our specialist and dedicated PPC team to create joined up remarketing campaigns that are best suited to your business’ goals.


We’ve achieved incredible results for both B2B and B2C businesses in remarketing, to drive up conversion rates and reduce their average cost per acquisition. We’ve received particular great success in accordance with Google Shopping campaigns and e-commerce customers and would love to discuss our approach and findings with you.

If you’re interested in remarketing as part of your digital marketing strategy, please do get in touch

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