It is important to remember the Programmatic PPC is still Paid Search. PPC is a part of programmatic advertising. We believe that the future of PPC lies with Programmatic Optimisation and that it isn’t just a buzzword that’s thrown around in the industry right now.


Programmatic is an extension of PPC and an important weapon in the arsenal of top level PPC experts. As time goes by and platforms develop, PPC campaigns are becoming more complex, so one person may find it challenging to deal with everything. You need experts in Search, Shopping, Display, Remarketing and being able to do all of this for multiple businesses and campaigns, and being able to stay up to speed with the latest changes is difficult at best.


That’s why we utilise award winning programmatic platforms to optimise and improve performance, all overseen by expert specialist and accredited PPC specialists. We feel that this approach, matching expertise with the best technological advancements allow us to achieve the best results for our clients in the most cost effective manner.


In short, programmatic optimisation allows your campaign to be optimised when your account manager isn’t working on your campaign. Our platform offers 24/7 optimisation, with weighting towards the best performing ads, ad groups and keywords to ensure that you’re generating as much traffic and conversions as possible at all times.

Programmatic PPC

Why Choose Us?

Here at H1, we specialise in search. Absolutely everyone that touches an account here with us at H1 is Google and Bing accredited as standard. We are also a Google Partner and Bing Select Agency, this means that we are recognised by the 2 largest search engines as trusted agencies that are recommended by them to other businesses. Through these accreditation’s, we have proven our industry expertise, the ability to understand businesses needs, campaign delivery and achieving real tangible results for our clients.


Our specialist, accredited and dedicated account managers are absolute experts in PPC. Each and every client of ours receives their own specialist and dedicated account manager who knows their campaign inside out. This is the person that works on your account day to day, submits your reports and is the person that is your main port of contact within the business. Our customers absolutely love this approach as they know who to call, they have a relationship built up with their account manager and this person gains such a furthered understanding of the client’s business over time that less specialist or non-dedicated resources may not be able to achieve.


Need another reason to work with us? We have absolutely no minimum contract term. This means if you’re not happy with the service, just provide us with a month’s notice and you’re free to leave. There’s nothing worse than being tied in to a service that just isn’t working for any reason and we’re fully aware that by tying you in when you want to leave, the relationship can deteriorate. We also don’t penalise customers that pause or stop seasonally or make changes to their account budget. We understand that sometimes your businesses’ needs may change, and we make as many allowances as possible for that.


We work with you to understand your business, it’s needs and your marketplace to plan data driven PPC campaigns. We do this to help you achieve results that are in line with your goals. We constantly analyse and re-evaluate to highlight improvements, optimising to improve performance for your business. You receive a specialist accredited PPC dedicated account manager as the person proactively working on your account. This person will also be your main point of contact within the business. Our award winning programmatic PPC platform optimises your campaign 24/7, ensuring that you’re achieving the best possible results at all times and staying ahead of the competition.


If you’d like more information, then please do get in touch

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Collaborative Research & Planning

During our welcome call and fact find, we look to learn more about your business and it’s needs. After all, who knows your business better than you do? We work closely with you to set SMART campaign goals, reviewing your landing pages and identifying areas you’d like to focus on. We conduct initial keyword research and look to outline your targeting requirements to start planning campaign structure. We also identify key USPs and look to get the campaign outline signed off.

Implementation & Optimisation

Based on our collaborative research and planning stage, we then go and begin building the campaign structure, putting everything we discussed in place and following best practice to give you your ideal text ads. We set up your campaigns with your goals in mind based on our signed off campaign structure and set up our programmatic bid platform based around your campaign goals. Your dedicated, specialist PPC account manager oversees and manages your campaign making manual changes as well as 24/7 programmatic bid optimisation.

Analysis & Review

Before your account goes live, your dedicated and specialist account manager will provide access to our reporting tool. When we go live, we’ll look to establish a date and time to call you and keep you up to speed with changes on your account, opportunities for improvement and to get your feedback. This call will again be with your dedicated account manager who knows your campaign inside out. We analyse your campaign, plot trends and will outline where we foresee changes being made that will allow you to reach your goals.


Planning & Implementation

Based on the findings of our reporting and analysis we’ll look to plan campaign changes and implement manual improvements as well as investigating any further opportunities


During your dedicated account management time, your specialist PPC account manager makes changes to optimise your campaign in addition to the 24/7 programmatic optimisation.

Reporting & Analysis

Each month you will receive a report & phonecall with your account manager where we suggest improvements and evaluate opportunities to drive more conversions


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