Display advertising is an extremely popular practice in digital marketing today. The reason for this is that it encompasses each of the 3 important factors that one must consider when advertising their business. It has a visual appeal to grab attention, location targeting to maximise relevant exposure and by placing your ads on targeted sites, relevant to your business, you can improve response.


Display ads offer many benefits to a business, from visibility to brand awareness. With a PPC ad, users have to read text and then click through to learn about a business and it’s offers. Since display ads are styled visually and often branded, users can gather more information about your company simply by seeing your ad, without needing to click.


Just like with every other form of advertising, it is important to target people that are most relevant to your business. Just as in SEM and SMM, you can create targeting parameters for display ads, choosing which sites they appear on, the location they target and niche markets that you’d like them to appear in.


Whilst Display ads target specific audiences, it doesn’t mean that you limit your businesses’ exposure online. You have the ability to appear on sites that receive high traffic and are related to your offer. Display ads can benefit your business by placing you in front of a high volume of the right people, even if they’re not proactively searching for your products or services.


When advertising online, it is extremely important to be able to measure your marketing activity, by using tools like Google Analytics to track your performance. Display advertising can provide great data, you can see exactly where and when your ad has been clicked, create audiences based on those that have clicked your ads and you’re able to track your investment to ensure you’re getting the most out of it.


Display advertising also allows for retargeting or remarketing. With remarketing, you can place your ad in front of people that have already visited your site. This is a way to reach people that have expressed an interest in your products and services but maybe have not converted at instance of first visit. How many times do you generally visit a site before buying or calling that business? Do you think your prospective customers do the same? Follow them around the web and see your conversions increase! We’ve had incredible success with this in conjunction with Google Shopping Campaigns for E-commerce businesses and dynamic product ads in particular.


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Programmatic Display

We utilise 2 award winning Programmatic Display platforms to serve extended reach. We offer extensive multi-channel optimisation, increasing efficiency through proprietary yield algorithms to maximise performance amongst a custom mix of display channels. We provide access to premium inventory websites and mobile apps further than standard Adsense networks.


We have an in-house design team who can create custom web, mobile and social ads in line with your campaign goals. Alternatively, we have a programmatic ad builder, which automatically scours your content to pull design assets in HTML5 formats that work well across all devices. We provide a variety of different customisation templates that provide flexibility and customisation.


We utilise a revolutionary programmatic approach to display advertising which is centred around precision and scalability. Performance data is analysed after every auction to identify discrete patterns intelligently so that adjustments can be made in a timely manner and are constantly being made. We have micro-budget technology that delivers campaign budgets of any size without wasteful overages. Our platforms have over a decade of online advertising experience, like us, ensuring that our technology partners show the right ads to the right audiences. We have extremely robust systems in place, with our partners technology handling billions of auctions and serving millions of ad impressions every single day.


Are you an advertiser within the West Midlands or Shropshire? We are a sister company of the region’s largest media outlets. When advertising with the Midland News Association through Display, you appear on high-traffic, niche audience websites, filled with visitors that suit your brand’s needs at a local level. These are two of the top 10 regional newspapers in the UK, with a total monthly reach of well over 10 million visitors, meaning they are extremely well-versed in display ad production, generating clicks and conversions for local businesses. We’re also partnered with media outlets such as the Jersey Evening Post and Guernsey Press which are two niche market sites within the channel islands offering unparalleled local reach and market capitalisation that you wouldn’t be able to fine elsewhere.


We offer a completely transparent pricing structure for display subscriptions within our wider media group network, so you know exactly what you’re getting for your investment.


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MNA Display


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