Sometimes agencies are asked to provide services that they’re not well versed at, or their clients could benefit from a service, but the agency doesn’t have the capacity or will to be able fulfil, in a dedicated and specialist manner. This is where agency partnerships come into play.


We work with a number of local and national agencies to provide outsourced PPC support on both a referral and white label basis. We’ve worked very closely with agencies to refine this service so that we work seamlessly as part of your organisation, either directly or indirectly dealing with your clients, ensuring profitability and high levels of service for all parties involved.


If you’d like to find out more about our agency solutions, and why we should be your preferred PPC agency partner, then please read on or get in touch


Why Choose Us?

We treat your clients as our own. Acting either as you, or working in conjunction with you to provide unparalleled service in line with your clients expectations. We follow your lead with client communications and have SLAs that protect ourselves, yourselves and your customers.


As an agency, you receive absolutely everything you could need from an outsourced PPC team. We provide you with specialist and dedicated account management. We have a transparent and white labelled reporting solution as part of our award winning PPC platform. We also work within the MCC to provide a more bespoke service tier in line with our Search, Shopping and Programmatic Offerings.


We’re sure you’re aware of what it means to be a Google Partner and Bing Select Agency, we’re both! All of our team that work on client accounts are both Google and Bing accredited, this means that no matter who you’re dealing with at H1, you can rest assured they’re an expert in PPC.


As an agency we provide you with absolutely everything you need to sell PPC services and provide us with the information we need to run accounts. From white labelled reports and brief forms, to case studies, billing calculators and proposal templates. We fully support you with PPC as though we’re working for your business. We feel that this gives us the most clarity and aligns our working processes with yours.


What does it do?

Bid & Budget Management

Diagnostics & Disapprovals

Google Analytics Integration

Call Tracking & Reverse Proxy

Display & Remarketing

Reporting & Analysis

The Platform USPs

Complex bidding algorithms

Notifications of at risk campaigns, trigger points

Automated UTM tracking

Automated Conversion based optimisation

Even pacing throughout budget cycles

Streamlined integrations

White Labelled Reporting

Agency image


Client Sale

  • Understanding Businesses Needs
  • Submit Brief Detailing
  • Discover Client Goals
  • Submit Client Agreement
  • Generate Purchase Order

Campaign Set-Up

  • Building campaign structure
  • Research keywords
  • Building text ads
  • Validate landing pages
  • Set up of merchant centre
  • Onboarding email with logins
  • Sign off with Agency
  • Potential revisions
  • Go Live

Ongoing Optimisation


  • Proactive and reactive intervention
  • Ad level changes
  • Campaign modifications (require same manual input as set up)


  • Client reporting
  • Client communications
  • Communicating changes to H1



Agency submit brief form to H1

Fees and Structure

H1 revert to Agency with set-up fee and account structure

3 working day lead time

Sign Off

Agency sign off account structure and confirm account

PO sent off with confirmation of start date - must be at least 7 working days in advance


H1 set-up account following signed off campaign structure

7 working day lead time

Sign Off

Agency and client sign off account and campaigns, submitting any revisions to H1 if required

H1 complete revisions and revert to Agency for sign off - 1-3 working days


Agency confirm client happy to go live and H1 take account live

Ongoing account revisions

  • Require revisions form to be submitted
  • Can be mitigated within ongoing account management hours unless complete account overhaul
  • In exceptional circumstances may require additional hours allocated at agreed hourly rate 
Interested in offering PPC to your clients?


Our specialist PPC team would love to hear from you!


Simply contact us and a member of our team will be in touch.


Alternatively, we’re available via the phone number in our footer and during working hours our live-chat agents are ready to speak to you!

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