2017 Google Shopping Feed Specification Changes

Google Shopping Product Feed

Every year, Google make changes to the Google Shopping feed specifications. The reason they do this, is to create a better experience, for users searching for products online. In 2017, Google are focusing on improving the quality of information related to tax, shopping and product availability.

What’s Changing

Minimum Order Value

Until now minimum order value was only accepted for items in the food and beverage categories. Google are now accepting products priced below your minimum order value in all categories and countries. You can set the minimum order value in shipping settings before you upload products with prices below this threshold. If you’re already advertising products with prices below minimum order value in the food and beverage categories, ensure to update your shipping settings and provide the minimum order value. This came into effect on 26th June 2017. Learn more about adding a minimum order value

Shipping Attributes

To improve the quality of shipping information shown to users, Google are introducing price and weight value limits for shipping attributes. They’re doing this to catch outlying transactions that they believe to be input errors. As of June 26th, items that have a weight or price above the new limits will be disapproved. Learn more about the updated shipping [delivery] and shipping_weight [delivery weight] attributes

Handling Time

In the US, you can now display the estimated delivery date of your product in the shopping ad. To enable this feature, there are two additional product data attributes. By using these attributes, you can indicate the time it normally takes to process an order. Google then computes an estimated delivery date from these attributes and the transit time in your shipping settings in the merchant centre. Learn more about handling time?

Enforcement begins June 26th, 2017

Beginning June 26th, 2017, all of the updates will go into full effect and any product data that doesn’t meet the requirements in the Products Feed Specification will be disapproved.


For more information regarding the Google Shopping Product Feed Specification Update, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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